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United Network News is changing the media landscape.

We are committed to the restoration of our planet by providing real solutions for real people. In order to enhance our world, we believe people need the whole story. We show you what’s actually happening and why. We continuously expose evil and empower humanity to be the change they want to see in their communities.

Our field messengers are people, just like you, who care and want to make a difference. Their reports provide a first-hand perspective of news that’s personally impacting their area. We have field messengers located in countries all over the world.

United Network News also has access to the most accurate information on the planet, ranging from contributors who hold the highest clearance levels to leaders spanning every walk of life. We’re not limited by traditional rules because we aren’t part of the controlled opposition running the mainstream media. 

Watch carefully and brace yourself. This is not what you’re used to when it comes to the news. This is THE REAL NEWS.

Kimberly Goguen

Sunny Gault

Growing up, Sunny told everyone she would become Press Secretary for the President of the United States. She was actually manifesting a reality that would become far more powerful and important for humanity. Sunny graduated college with a “BS” in Journalism. Until recently, she thought the "BS" stood for Bachelor of Science. Having worked in newsrooms all around the country, Sunny has seen how mainstream media has manipulated minds to fit a specific agenda. But it took a worldwide “pandemic” for her to understand how deep the lies actually went. Sunny's intention at UNN is to “lighten up” the news and guide all beings on earth toward a bright and beautiful future together.

Mike Schneider

Mike started with UNN a few years ago and is honored to be leading this team. In his diverse career, communication, with a strong focus on visual communication, was a major theme. While working with at-risk youth, he had the opportunity to learn more about people and how we interact with one another. Working in graphic design sharpened his skills in transferring an idea visually. And after running and owning several businesses throughout his life, Mike finds himself right at home, in this team, bringing the real news from you to the rest of the world!

Natalie Woodhouse

Natalie has a diverse career spanning the media and community sector. She has over 20 years of experience coordinating community projects and developing volunteer teams. Natalie was educated at Monash University in Australia and holds postgraduate qualifications in Communications and the Social Sciences. She chose to follow her heart and change career direction from media to humanitarian work, where she was inspired by people’s community spirit, and began to record their stories. Natalie’s stories were embraced by various independent media channels, and her commitment to support independent media was established.

Zsolt Katona

Zsolt lives in the digital world of bits and bytes while pursuing a vision for the greater good of the planet. Zsolt has a wide range of experience in IT infrastructure and software related projects, while data mining and digital artistry is at the center of his focus. Much of the past two years events helped Zsolt discover the influential role media plays in peoples lives and their decisions making. He is committed to assisting UNN to bring to its viewers a new level of authenticity in news reporting and visual story telling from around the world.

Racquel Rowe

Several years ago Racquel decided to step outside her comfort zone and leave behind her Telecommunication career to travel and explore parts of the world. Since walking away from corporate life, she has explored her creative talents by designing and selling her inspirational product online. She has also revived her technical skills by assisting her husband in designing and testing a financial digital software system. Today, Racquel is finding new inspiration as a video editor and story curator along with the UNN team bringing to life local and global stories.


Nyla is so grateful to be involved with helping UNN. The vision of bringing human truth to the world through individual stories from people's own voices is what constantly brings her inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose each day. She also finds immense fulfillment from being a mother of 3 young children, caring for her permaculture homestead, creating medicine with herbs, cooking nourishing food, organizing community gatherings, and most of all connecting with people.


Arriving into Australia from New Zealand in 1995, Dianne has pursued a variety of life experiences. Describing herself as knowing a little about many things but a master in none. Finding the truth in matters has always been important. As we know truth comes in many forms and has many aspects. Here at UNN – it is a great education as we learn about the multiverse. But more importantly learning everyday from our Field Messengers. Real stories from people world wide. This part of my journey is super fun and interactive, very much enjoying the experience. The whole world is a education and I am the student.


Paige has been with the UNN Production Team (Field Messengers and News team) for several years, and many other special projects. Paige is passionate about bringing forth the truth of our history and is honored to be part of the amazing team Kim Goguen has built. We are all the Ground Crew for the Restoration Plan, and that includes you!


Urosh started his professional life as a police officer and he is still grateful for this experience as it showed him how rotten the system is. But his passion for art soon won and expressed itself through photography, painting and graphic design, which became his professional path. From his early twenties on he never stopped learning and he never will. After decades of graphic design, 3d modeling and video shooting and editing he is comfortable in anything related to visual expression, always willing to share his experience and learn from others. He is always seeking knowledge and truth in everything and dreams of a better life for all life on the planet.


Vahagn has more than twenty years working in customer service. In 2020, he was let go due to downsizing from a large corporation which he had worked for a decade. It was a blessing for him, which allowed him to do what interests him most. He enjoys being in nature, growing his own food, exploring new experiences and living a natural life. He is also an intuitive, highly spiritual and enjoys helping all beings that are drawn to him.

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